Ashley Smith's Amazing Moment

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Ashley Smith's Amazing Moment

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If you have not read a transcript of Ashley' Smith's telling of her time with the accused killer Brian Nichols then take a moment and read it here in Peggy Noonan's column.

It is a story of grace under pressure. This widowed mother of a five year old daughter only wanted to see her daughter. She feared she might never see her again as she spent several hours talking with her abductor. She was reading The Purpose Driven Life and to it's theme she turned as a means of assuaging a tormented mind.It worked. And she lived to tell about it.

Two stories this week of wild shootings. The Atlanta story began in a court house. In Wisconsin, the shootings of seven people took place in a church, and then the gunman killed himself. Two places, a court room and a church, where people would think they are safe. But in today's world there really is no safe place. We have to walk in faith that God is with us, whether our walk is upon the "high places" of the earth or through the valley of the shadow of death.

Each of us will face a moment of truth and our life will be defined in this age and in the world to come. Find your purpose and live each day fully and with meaning. Our booklet What is Your Destiny will help you get to the core of life's meaning.