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Technical problems sidelined Longitude last month so we accelerated ourswitch to a new program and server. We should be up and running nowwith few glitches. You see a new design on the site, but we'll stillhave the same coverage.

President Bush fanned the flames over "intelligent design" last week while at his ranch in Texas. When asked his personal views about this hot topic the president said that "both sides ought to be properly taught..."

Mr. Bush followed up by saying he thought students should be exposed to the differing ideas in the debate over the origins of life. That's a fair approach and comes closer to defining the true role of education. But some people get upset at the implication that intelligent design or creationism would get an equal hearing alongside anything that teaches special design or intent with life in the universe.

When students are not given all sides in the debate over any subject true education is not served. In fact you could argue that a fair education is not taking place.