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The summer days are coming to an end and soon children will be walking down school hallways, seeing old friends, and meeting new teachers. Back to school preparation is seen as a way to help children have the tools they need to be successful during the school year. With the right tools and supplies they will be ready to take on any challenge their teacher may offer in the form of instruction. As parents we want our children to be successful, we want them to have everything they may need for another productive school year.

Success comes in many forms and it is important that we offer our children all of the tools they may need, not just a few. While pens, paper, books, and even computers might help our children along the way, let's not miss the most important tools they would need.

In the early morning rush to get out the door and begin the school day, take a few quiet moments with your children. Bow your heads and ask God to bless the day for all involved. Ask His presence and His help throughout the day for you and your children. Ask for His intervention in the event of a bullying situation, a less than kind teacher or staff member, or in understanding those subjects which may be more difficult. Asking God's presence during each day of the school year can lead to a greater success.

Teaching children that a quick prayer can be said at anytime during the day will help our children to develop an ongoing relationship with God. Help them to understand that prayer can be said at anytime and anywhere, in just a matter of seconds. It doesn't have to be a formal prayer; they can quietly call on Him whenever the need may arise, or to offer up a quick word of thanks and gratitude for an unexpected blessing.

The after school rush can be a difficult time for families. There is homework, extracurricular meetings, dinner, and laundry, followed by everyone falling into bed only to wake up and do it all again the next day. Take a few minutes before bedtime to read about the young people in the Bible. Help your children to relate to some of the struggles they may have gone through and talk about how they handled them. Understanding the lessons learned will help your children when they run up against similar trials during the school day.

Peer pressure can be a difficult thing for children to stand up against. Others may be using language that is not allowed in your home, smoking, or involved in other activities that your children know to be wrong. The world can pull at our children, enticing them to get involved in behavior which will move them away from God and His way of life.

Talking to your children about their future, in the Kingdom of God, and the promises that He makes will give them something to look forward to. Help them to picture their future. Learning to be grateful for those promises and understanding that they are very real will help your children take a stand against this world's way of life and choose to stay focused on the promises of a better future.

When we find our children making the wrong choices, remember God offers forgiveness to us all. As parents we want to instill a desire to do what is right, but we also need to accept that our children will make mistakes. Forgiveness is one of the great attributes that God offers to all mankind and one we should help our children learn about, by example.


  • Webelieve
    Shalom. I recently saw two 9 y o girls introducing Precedent Obama on television and they had 2 mothers! These 2 girls asked Obama to sign the same sex marriage act!! Oh boy--May Yahweh help us all--as everyone in the audience applauded them. Pray for our children. Be ever alert for the "anti Christ agenda" that is now coming after the children, stronger and fiercer than ever! Study 2nd Kings about a child King,8 y o Josiah, that Father Yahweh loved because Josiah loved Him. If at all possible, educate your children at home! Put our Father and Savior at the very top of your agenda. Oh Lord in Heaven--please help us with our children. And please pray for the Peace of Jerusalem to come soon. Shalom and shalom.
  • Joshua Infantado
    Very inspiring. I never thought of the idea of praying before letting the children go to school. When I will have children in the future, I will do my best to apply what you said here in this blog.:)
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