Behind the Scenes of Beyond Today - Evolution

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Behind the Scenes of Beyond Today - Evolution

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When we prepare and produce a Beyond Today TV episode, we have to figure out what the subject is and what audience we're trying to reach. For this week's program, we chose evolution as the subject, but defining what audience we are talking to is trickier. Why? Because in the scientific community as a majority, evolution is accepted and well researched. It's the foundational principle in biology and explains the origin of life. We knew we could never convince scientists or secularists/atheists who fully believe in and accept evolution. So the audience we chose are Christians who have unknowingly muddied their faith by mixing evolution in. Are you one of those Christians? What you may not realize is that it takes just as much faith to believe in evolution as it does to believe in God.

We Can’t Ignore Science… or Faith

Have you tried to mesh evolution into your religion? I'm not talking about the science of adaption and natural selection within species (which could be called micro-evolution). I'm talking about the science of species evolving into other species. Many Christians have done this. And why not? I definitely don’t blame them. The overwhelming majority of scientists agree: evolution is true. Most of our trusted scholars have come to that conclusion and teach it. It simply doesn’t make sense for us religious folk to ignore science. But we also know we cannot ignore this faith we have that there is a God. So we do what is only human: combine it all, and hope for the best.

We Cannot Say God Sparked Evolution

But what you'll see that Beyond Today does this week is try to explain that we cannot mix Christianity with evolution. On a human level, it takes a lot of faith to believe in God. But it takes the same amount of faith—if not more—to believe in the incredibly low probability that macro-evolution is true. And in fact, by mixing evolution into our faith, we make God out to be a liar. We refute the title God gave himself: Creator. God could not have used evolution.

The very purpose of evolution is to explain how we and the animals are here: why there are so many different species, and how we are all related through small modifications, thanks to ever changing environment conditions over millions of years. But evolution does this in a spiritual vacuum, assuming there is no spiritual component to our universe. Again, this is highly logical, because testing and getting data from the spiritual world does not work the same way as our physical world.

I don’t blame evolutionists for their beliefs. But for those of us that do have a faith in a loving God, we have been called to do something else: to find physical and spiritual truth. And in that latter case, this Beyond Today episode is for you.