Bus for Zambian Brethren

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Bus for Zambian Brethren

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Imagine your typical Sabbath morning. I would hazard to guess that the rituals and routines that we have vary widely. For most of us in the United States, though not all, it probably involves breakfast and then a drive to church in our heated or air conditioned cars. The commute varies widely from a few minutes to a few hours, but few would claim the trek to be an arduous one. Unfortunately that is not the case everywhere you go.

In Mufilira, Zambia, the Sabbath was less than restful.

Cherry and Derrick Pringle would start out in one of their flatbed work trucks several hours before services started. Their route took them all through the area, picking up members as they went. By the time they arrived at services, the flat bed would be full of wind-blown and sometimes rain-soaked brethren. It was wonderful that the Pringles were able to provide this service, but it was taxing on them, and the brethren who had to brave the elements in the open-air truck if they wanted to attend services. In June of 2011, a Good Works project was started to provide a bus for the Mufilira, Zambia church. Thanks to the generosity of our members the money needed for the bus was raised by August 2011. Now the members can attend services with relative comfort, and dignity.

The bus has proven to be extraordinarily helpful, not only providing transportation for church services, but also for the Youth Camp, the Feast of Tabernacles and for the recent Youth Corp project. The bus has proven to be a blessing in an unexpected way. Mr. Pringle had the used bus cleaned up and painted. This painting included the name United Church of God, aia emblazoned on the side, as well as an advertisement for the Good News Magazine. Armed with a stack of extra Good News Magazines, the bus has become an open door to preach the gospel everywhere it goes.

To read more about this project and others being performed by the Good Works Program, check out the Good Works website at http://goodworks.ucg.org/.