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Patience, love and sacrifice can rekindle a marriage. A story off the AP wires this morning tells of a couple, Chip and Cindy Altemos of Allentown, PA  who agreed five years ago to separate, date others and divorce. But Chip's kidneys failed and Cindy offered him one of hers.

Saying, "he was still my husband" Cindy followed through on a promise made when they married to be a donor. You see, she knew Chip would likely one day need a kidney as he was a victim of juvenile diabetes.

The operation was done on February 21. During the long recovery the time they spent together rekindled the relationship. "We're still together," he said, "I guess just being around each other, we slowly fell back in love again."

Too many marriages today end when one or both just give up on the commitment and don't follow through with a second or third effort. Human relationships are tough to develop and they take a lot of work. Marriages are worth the time we put into them. It pays dividends many times over.

God says He hates divorce. One reason may be that divorce signals a lack of commitment. Without commitment we will never establish a human relationship of worth, nor will we establish a relationship with God that endures a lifetime and into eternity.

Something to think about.

Break in Australian Drought?

Some hopeful news about a possible break in the long Australian drought.

Turkey's Dance With Islam

Claire Berlinski' "Menace in Europe" showed a keen perception of affairs there. This article of hers on Turkey slices through th e terms to shed light on what is taking place there as elections have been moved up a few months.

Most people know little about Turkey. We do so at our risk.

Clinton Forecasts Disasters

Former president Bill Clinton said Friday that disasters such as worldwide famine and an obesity epidemic could destroy the U.S. health care system.

His solution?  Government action in advance. I am not quite sure what he means, name me one government that has ever averted a major catastrophe.

Power Vacuum

I wrote earlier this week about a power vacuum that is developing among the leaders of our major nations. This column by David Ignatius picks up on the idea and elaborates.

He quotes Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as saying in 2005 that the post-1945 world order was ending, "All of its institutions, starting with the United Nations, were
becoming irrelevant, he argued. A new world would be shaped by rising
powers who would create new rules of the international game."

This is an interesting time to watch.