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Compass Point

I have been working on a Beyond Today program called "The New Atheism". My reading has taken me through a couple of books recently written by noted atheists. "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins and "God is Not Great" by Christopher Hitchens are two that are currently on best seller lists.

Reading these books has not changed my mind about God. I have not read any atheist argument that has moved me off my long held faith and belief in God. reading the thoughts of these men leave me cold and lonely. I have to read them in short segments. But you need to read what the other side is thinking and saying to stay current.

This "new atheism" is really nothing new. The arguments are the same as those of of atheists through the ages. It comes down to to what Paul said in his letter to the Romans, "And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind to do those things which are not fitting". (Romans 1:28)

God can be proven by many undeniable proofs from nature, reason and the Bible. But the most important proof lies in something we must make a conscious decision to do. That is to prove God by doing what He says and determining by the fruits of life live His way that He is and He stands behind His word. By this we develop a relationship with Him that establishes proof to us that He exists. It is probably the most important way we can approach the subject.  It is available to everyone.

Iran's Proxy War

Senator Joe Lieberman has an honest account of Iran's efforts to undermine American troops in Iraq. He goes so far as to say the Iranian leadership has all but declared war on America in the region. His call is for American resolve to confront the crisis. Lieberman was elected as an independent in 2006 as he speaks with a clarity most senators lack. He has a grasp of the threat and understands the implications.  Iran does not wish America well in the region.

What Bono Doesn't Say About Africa

This article highlights the current celebrity fascination with Africa for the phoniness that much of it truly is. It manges to bring a different perspective on Africa and the problems it faces.