Continued Terror in Jerusalem

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Continued Terror in Jerusalem

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There was tragic news out of Jerusalem yesterday. Two Muslim gunmen entered a synagogue with guns and knives and killed four and injured several others. The gunmen were later shot down by Israeli police. This is the most violent incident yet in recent escalation of attacks in the city.

Last month while with her family a 3-year-old girl was killed by a motorist at a public bus stop. I used this story in a Beyond Today program taped last week called "God’s Plan For The Middle East." The senseless violence continues to threaten the always tense relations between Arab and Jew in this city.

The Financial Times story where I read about this latest attack left a telltale sign of the political issues here. The story referred to another clash on the Temple Mount by saying, "Israeli police and Palestinian youths have also clashed at Haram al-Sharif, the sensitive Muslim holy site in Jerusalem, where extremist Israeli politicians are calling for a reversal of the status quo that prohibits Jewish prayer at the site.”

To theFT, the site is more a Muslim site than a Jewish site. And so it goes.

I guess we all have a bias in this issue. A major western news source gives this contested site one name while others of us give it another. Perhaps we should call it by both names or give it up to God and call it His Place.

I would be all for this if it led to better relations among all who look on this piece of real estate with affection.

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  • Abrahamuz
    No matter how hard they may try, they will never overpower Israel.
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