Egypt Arrest Members of Muslim Brotherhood

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Egypt Arrest Members of Muslim Brotherhood

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This would normally not be a headline to note since this is a common occurance in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood has been a force in Egypt for more than fifty years. Its radical past got it banned but in 2005 it captured twenty percent of the seats in the Egyptian Parliament. It is widely believed that when President Hosni Mubarak passes from power the Brotherhood will play a more prominent role in the country. Egypt is s critical country to watch in the Middle East. It may seem to have been asleep in recent years but there is a lot of social unrest brewing underneath the lid. Unexpected events could create a major crisis. The Economist recently published a briefing entitled “Will the dam Burst?“. Its main point was Egypt faces an uncertain and possibly dangerous future. Forty four percent of the nation’s 75 million people live in poverty or extreme poverty. There is a major gap between the relatively few wealthy and the poor. Government subsidized bread keeps much of the unrest settled. Earlier this month a cliff collapsed in a poor neighborhood burying dozens of people alive. Corruption is blamed on sub standard housing and facilities. The article states, “…it takes little imagination to conjure up an Islamic-tinged revolution sweeping away the autocratic state created in the wake of Egypt’s last big dynastic upheaval, the officer’s coup of July 1952…Considering Egypt’s position as the most populous, politically pivotal Arab state, the ripples could spread wider…upsetting the region’s already fragile power structure.” Egypt has always played a key role in the rough and tumble politics of the Middle East. Bible prophecy shows it will play a key role in the time of the end when it is swept up in the initial actions that trigger key events. Daniel 11:44 Daniel 11:44But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.
American King James Version×
- show where Egypt fits when the King of the South “pushes” against the King of the North.

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