Film Review: Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

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Film Review

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

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Last night I viewed Patterns of Evidence: Exodus. It's a well done film that goes carefully through the Biblical account and shows the archaeological evidence for the Exodus. Interviews show archaeological and Biblical experts on all sides of the issue concerning this critical historical and spiritual event, as told in the book of Exodus. I think the evidence presented by filmmaker Tim Mahoney is fair and leaves you the viewer to decide what you believe.

This film comes as a refreshing antidote to the distorted story told by Ridley Scott in his recently released movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings. Mahoney doesn't just refute that movie, but also shows the historical problems in Cecil B. DeMille's retelling of the Exodus in the film classic The Ten Commandments. The evidence told in this new documentary will cause everyone familiar with the Biblical account to reassess their understanding.

For me, my faith in the Biblical account is actually strengthened—not that it has wavered. But the graphics used and the knowledge presented helps me better understand how the biblical events match with what is known from the archaeological record.

This film is not likely to change the mind of a skeptic. With the exception of possible changes in chronological dating of the Exodus event it will only affirm the traditional Judeo-Christian account of the Israelite sojourn in Egypt. I expect most who are interested in this stuff will remain in their positions.

There was a good-sized crowd watching the event with me. Most of us were of the "older" set. There was one family with their children. I know this topic would interest a younger crowd if properly presented. I hope this presentation gets more publicity and is viewed by anyone concerned about society's attack on the Bible.

The Bible record is true. There is ample evidence to support its claims. It takes a fair and open minded approach to study and prove it to be the inspired word of God. It also takes some courage when you are confronted with the evidence, then make a decision to either accept its claim on our life, or to close the book and walk away unchanged.

Patterns of Evidence is well done and gets my endorsement. It raises critical questions about Egyptian chronology. I encourage you to check it out. It is worth the price of admission.