Freedom and Thoughts on Christmas

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Freedom and Thoughts on Christmas

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Freedom Marches Onward

Claudia Rossett in the WSJ interviews a Ukranian deputy of Mr Yushenko. She observes that ” The bottom line is simple, and universal. Freedom brings with it a degree of dignity that repression can never confer.”

Progress in democracy and freedom may be slow but it does move forward. This in response to a basic human need to be free from constraint. The United States is the foremost supporter of freedom in today’s world. Another reason to be thankful we are still around. What happens when we aren’t? Who will press the nations forward toward liberty?

Go back to the article of a few days ago showing the telltale signs that Europe is moving away from democratic forms. A sudden jolt, their own 9/11 could radically transform the landscape, turning it to some institution or person who could restore security and normalcy.

Cal Thomas, again, on Christmas

In what seems to be an annual lament about the state of Christmas in society Cal Thomas, a fine conservative writer, once again speaks to the crass consumerism of the holiday season. This time he also applies it to Thanksgiving and Easter. His point that people miss the inherent message behind the holidays is well taken. He does not go far enough to ask the harder questions about the truth and accuracy of the days, but no matter, most people today do not even understand the question, much less the answer.

Idolatry has deadened the senses and lulled people into a complacency. They lack the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Just like the dumb idols of our day. The story of God becoming man is at the heart of the true Biblical account of Christ’s birth. When it is studied in the context of Luke and Matthew a far richer and glorious story emerges.