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French Say No

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The BBC is reporting a French rejection of the EU constitution. Despite a flurry of last minute efforts by European leaders to turn the tide. The Dutch are set to vote on Wednesday and it seems likely they too will reject the treaty. The Financial Times headlines "French No vote leaves EU treaty in chaos ".

This is probably an overstatement. However, With Germany likely to see a governmental change this fall, and the future of French President Jacques Chirac in doubt, it is likely a different approach to EU governance will be taken. Europe has been slowly building for more than fifty years. This setback will not derail the process, but it might put it on a different track.

Europe is building slowly. The final form is shown in Bible prophecy to be something completely different than any of its original, and perhaps current, builders could conceive. One of our WNPonline writers, Melvin Rhodes, wrote this back in in 1998:

But the EU is being built in typical European fashion--like a citadel. And it takes time to build a citadel. One of the most magnificent buildings in Prague took almost 600 years to complete. The vision of those who laid the foundation stone of this great cathedral was not realized in their lifetime, but they still built it because they were convicted it needed to be built.

Read the whole article here .


Paul Kieffer has posted his comments on the French vote.