God's Not Dead: Movie Review

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God's Not Dead

Movie Review

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It seems that while many people have focused on the Noah movie, and its many inaccuracies, another movie has gone almost unnoticed. God's Not Dead, introduces viewers to various individuals as they come to grips with their own personal relationships with God. Is He real; is He not? That question is the basis of the film and is fueled by the ongoing debate that has long existed between atheists and theists.

This film reminds me of the quiet voice of reason in a storm of confusion. It is not the typical movie of today, but then the message is not your typical message either. There are no epic scenes involving special effects, no large advertising budget, and it certainly has not been given the media attention that some films receive. Yet, it will ask you the hard questions that life is made of and force you to answer them. When you are faced with a powerful force and when that force demands that you turn your back on God, will you do the right thing, or will you cave?

While there may be a few theological views that would require discussion with your children after viewing this film, you will find no profanity or sexual situations. Over all, it is a great family friendly movie.