Good King, Bad King

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Good King, Bad King

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Good King, Bad King

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There was a time long ago when a powerful wealthy king left a caretaker to look after his estate and prepare it for when he would return. This attendant was given great power and leverage over the estate, so that he was actually a proxy for the king. The wealthy king was pleased by how the caretaker kept close watch on everything and supervised the others under him.

For a long time, the caretaker carried out his duties and was highly favored, but the time came when he realized the children of the king would be the greatest inheritors, even though he was doing all the work caring for their inheritance. He began to speak with disdain and gossip about the king to the workers under his command and to convince them that he should be the one who owned all of it. He also promised they would share in the wealth.

He very cleverly managed to get about a third of his helpers to agree with him and they decided to take by force what had been left in their care and supplant the real ruler.

They went up against the powerful king but did not prevail.

In great anger they went back to the king’s estate to utterly destroy it so no inheritance would be left for the king’s children. They were able to do this temporarily, but the king was able to recover from the destruction and rebuild. He soon started his family, as planned, in the beautifully restored estate. The caretakers who did not follow the evil one continued with their mission to watch over the children of the king and care for them.

The evil workers stayed on in the fringes and began to influence the king’s children to hate him and even to see the first caretaker as their actual father and king, as well as the one who held the key to their inheritance.

The king, who was away creating an even greater inheritance for his offspring, left messages to be delivered to his children telling them what his true plan was and how he would return for them. He told them how they could have a relationship with him and keep in touch throughout their lives, even if they physically could not see him.

The false king wrote his own narratives and circulated them to confuse the rightful heirs. He was consumed by hatred and envy and wanted only to destroy them. He lost little time in getting many to give their allegiance to bizarre kings and queens he influenced from among their midst, so that they were no longer concerned with developing a relationship with their true father. Their father had lovingly presented them with guidelines in order to have healthy, happy lives, but the children were influenced to believe the rules were restrictive and an impediment to their happiness.

Because the great king wanted his children to learn wisdom and discernment he did not immediately remove the former caretaker. The evil king sent many life-threatening problems and difficulties their way. To counter this, their father sent strong ones to speak of his presence and share his plan with them, to encourage them through their tough times.

Because so many stories circulated over time from the bad king, most began to even doubt there was a true king and father who loved them and wanted them to share in his inheritance for them. They frequently even killed the truth-tellers and believed the lies instead. The incredible potential they had was lost to most of them.

This might seem like a hopeless situation, but just as the powerful king was able to rebuild from the physical destruction of his estate, he also had a plan from the beginning to recover from the destruction to his offspring. Even if the plan became hidden from many of his children, he never changed from his original intent and was not willing that any of his children be lost to him.

By now, I am sure you realize this is a true story and that the Good King is our Father in heaven and the bad king is Satan the devil.

How many times have you heard people say they could not believe in a God who allowed so much evil in the world?

Satan’s deception has led many to choose the path that has led to much suffering and pain. But our heavenly Father has a plan that will heal the nations and remove evil from the world.

This plan our Father has for all of us is shown through the holy times He set apart for us to remember Him and develop a father/child relationship with Him. We have a Holy Book that gives us the account of the evil one that has held the world captive, a narrative that shows the way to resist him with the added Helper given us and to develop a loving heart like our Father.

Just as we do not protect our children from all that they encounter because we know they need to learn the lesson, our heavenly Father does the same with us.

Most are completely unaware of the Holy Days and the plan given to us by our Father and observed by His Son (our elder brother) and our Savior. They are very clearly shown in the pages of the Holy Bible, inspired by our Father to direct our way to Him (Leviticus 23).

For a detailed explanation of this marvelous plan, and your hidden potential found in the pages of your Bible, please read God’s Holy Day Plan: The Promise of Hope for All Mankind. You will be able to open your own Bible and follow along with the scriptures referenced.

For more understanding about false teachings and bizarre worship engineered by Satan, read Holidays or Holy Days: Does it Matter Which we Observe?

For help in understanding how our world has arrived where we are today, you may also want to read Is There Really a Devil? and Angels: God’s Messengers and Spirit Army.