Grandad & Nanna's Bible Story - Chapter 6

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Grandad & Nanna's Bible Story - Chapter 6

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Nanna says: “Things went well for awhile after the Flood and Noah lived 350 years after he left the Ark with his family. But, Noah died, when he was 950 years old. That’s very, very old isn’t it?”

His son Shem and his wife had many children who were of the white people (Caucasian). They tended to move north, to live in Europe. (1 Chronicles 1:17)

Another son Japheth and his wife also had lots of children and they became the Asian people who moved east to live. (1 Chronicles 1:5)

Noah’s third son Ham and his wife had children, who had lovely dark skin and they moved into Africa to live. (1 Chronicles 1:8)

Ham’s grandson was Nimrod, whose name means “he rebelled”.

Nimrod was big, strong and popular with many people, because he was a great hunter, but he did not love God and did not keep God’s laws of how to live. He did many bad things like building idols and getting people to worship his false gods. He broke God’s laws and taught people to do as they pleased and sin against God. (Genesis 10:8-9)

He worshipped Satan instead of the true God, and he called Satan “Merodach”, meaning “Lord” or “Master”. (Jeremiah 50:2)

In the Hebrew language Merodach was called “Baal” or the “Sun God”. Nimrod made the sun god, who wasn’t really a god, the head of all his false idol gods. He deceived many people and led them away from the true God of our Father and His Son.

Nimrod came up with an idea to draw people to him in his kingdom of Shinar. (Genesis 10:9-10) “Let’s build the highest tower ever, in my city of Babel, reaching up above the clouds, in honour of my god, the sun god!”

So, many people were tricked by Nimrod, and they worked on his evil tower. But God saw what Nimrod was doing and how it was going to lead to more bad things, like before the Flood.

God came down to the Tower of Babel and He mixed up the people’s language from one single language to many different languages. (Genesis 11:1, Genesis 11:6-7)

They couldn’t understand each other and began to argue loudly and get very angry with each other.

Soon they gave up building the Tower of Babel and began to scatter to other lands, with their families. (Genesis 11:8-9)

If God had not done this, people would have become very evil again, like before the Flood. Because they had one language, they might have easily shared their knowledge to make evil weapons to kill many innocent people.

So, from the Tower of Babel, many languages and nations began to form in the world.

Sadly, many false beliefs, false gods and false religions began to develop, which led people away from the true God. (1 John 4:1)

Shem and his family followed his father Noah and his mother in loving the true God and living by God’s commandments and right way of life.

After Nimrod died, his mother Semiramis gave birth to a baby boy and she tricked people with her lies, about how her son Nimrod was a god and this baby boy had no human father, but was made alive by the sun god.

“This is Nimrod’s son, who is come to restore his father’s kingdom”, she said.

Semiramis, whose other name was Ishtar, came to be known as “the virgin mother” and the “queen of heaven”. (Jeremiah 7:18, Jeremiah 44:17-19, Jeremiah 44:25) Sunday became her day for worshipping the sun god and it carries that name to this day.

She taught the people false stories, and held evil feast holidays, which later developed into customs that people keep, even today, such as Christmas and Easter, named after the false goddess of Ishtar.

These false holidays were planned by Semiramis and her priests to trick and deceive people away from the true God and God’s “appointed” Holy Days. (Leviticus 23:1-2, Exodus 23:15-16)

Satan has been allowed by God to be the false god of this world, and he was the one who led Nimrod and Semiramis to worship him, as the sun god. (2 Corinthians 4:4)

Now you can understand how Satan worked through Nimrod and Semiramis to cause people to be deceived and to believe lies (Revelation 12:9), just as he caused Eve to believe the first lie, and then to lead Adam astray, as well.

Why do you think God has allowed Satan to be in charge of this world, our child?

Is it to test us, to see if we will be strong and faithful in loving our true God? (Deuteronomy 13:3)

When we are tested and we succeed in doing what is right and not what is wrong, we become stronger in good character, don’t we. We build good habits of choosing what is right, don’t we? (Proverbs 20:11, Ecclesiastes 12:14, Deuteronomy 8:2, Judges 3:4)

By doing what is right, instead of what is wrong, God will give us good success, won’t He? (Joshua 1:8)

God has promised that one day Jesus Christ, his Son, is going to return to this Earth to replace Satan as the ruler of this world. (Jude 14, Revelation 20:4-6, Daniel 7:18, Daniel 7:27, Zechariah 14)

Won’t that be wonderful in the world tomorrow, when the world will be at peace, and people will love and worship the true God, who is our Father and Jesus Christ His Son. (1 John 5:20, 1 Thessalonians 1:9, Jeremiah 10:10)

Shem and his wife had many children, who loved God and kept God’s laws of how to live.

Grandad says: “Shem’s 7th generation of his great grand children was called Abram.”

Nanna says: “Grandad, let’s save the wonderful story about Abram and his beautiful wife Sarai, for our next Chapter.”

To be continued with Chapter 7...