Iran's Growing Threat in the Middle East

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Iran's Growing Threat in the Middle East

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It has been a little more than a week since Iran swore in it’s new president Mahmoud Ahamadinejad. Since then they have restarted processing material needed to develop nuclear weapons. The next step will be nuclear enrichment. All they need is time, something the west seems willing to give, before they have a bomb. Right now it seems there is little will to do anything to prevent the inevitable.

Historian Nial Ferguson has a piece in today’s Telegraph that puts Iran’s current government in a historical perspective. It seems the Iranian revolution has entered another, more dangerous, chapter. Here is a quote from the article:

So where do we go from here? Plan A - the European carrot - has failed. Plan B - the flaccid UN stick - will also fail. Unfortunately Plan C - American (or Israeli) air strikes - is fraught with peril. According to Michael J Mazarr of the US National War College, Iran could retaliate with “an elaborate, ferocious, global provocation designed to draw the United States into a protracted conflict”.

That translates into more terrorism in our cities and an escalation of the war in Iraq. “If Iran wanted,” Iraq’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hamid Al Bayati said in February, “it could make Iraq a hell for the United States.”

The last thing America needs is a growing threat from Iran. Will we begin to hear of accelerated plans to remove troops from the country?

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