Iran's President Sees a Light

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Iran's President Sees a Light

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In the current issue of World News and Prophecy we have an article about Iran's President Mahmoud AhmadiNejad and his role in creating uncertainty in the Middle East. An article in the Financial Times of November 29 had an interesting story about his speech this fall at the United Nations.

According to the report when AhmadiNejad began his speech someone in his entourage sensed "a light" around the President. According to a transcript someone said, "When you began with the words 'In the name of God'...I saw a light coming, surrounding you and protecting you to the end [of the speech]." Mr. Ahmadinejad said he too sensed something saying, "...I was looking. All the leaders were puzzled, as if a hand held them and made them sit. They had their eyes and ears open for the message from the Islamic Republic."

The article goes on to discus the Iranian President's  religious beliefs. He has a fascination with the "missing imam"--the Shia leader who entered coccultation, or hiding, in 941 A.D.  and who Shia believe will return to rule before Judgment Day. Some Muslim clerics are uneasy with Ahmadinejad's interest in this bit of Islamic legend. One parliamentary deputy cautioned against believing this kind of praise and claims. It could lead to further claims of messianic grandeur.

Islamic faith has a long tradition of the appearance of a Mahdi, a messianic figure, in the last days. It is interesting to at least note this interest by the current Iranian president who has been making outrageous claims in recent weeks. He has said Israel should be forced out of its current land, either into the sea or relocated to Europe. He also feels the Holocaust is a fabrication.

Iran is moving forward with plans to develop a nuclear weapon. Something Israel and the United States says in unacceptable. Some reports have Israel already making plans to deal with this threat.