Joint China Russia Military Excercises

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Joint China Russia Military Excercises

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The American media has not given much attention to the joint military manuevers that Russia and China have been carrying out for the past week. Called "Peace Mission 2005" the excercises involve nearly 9,000 troops and represent a significant step in the growing relations between these two powers.

I have been reading a book this summer called "China: The Gathering Threat" by Constantine Menges. It is probably the best detailed book about the goals and plans China has to aasume what it feels is its place among the world's powers. When all the facts are assembled it is not a pretty picture for the United States. China wants to remove American influence from Asia and these joint manuevers represent another step toward that goal.

Menges shows that Russia and China agree on major international issues. They "share the intention to oppose and contain the United States". Both counttries had been suppliers of weapons of mass destruction to such nations as Iran, Iraq, North Korea and Syria. Russia has been selling advanced weapons to China for several years in exchange for hard currency that has helped the Russian economy. Together with additional technology China has obtained from America this has helped China develop as a nuclear power on a scale that is roughly equivalent to both Russia and America. There is no doubt this alliance poses a major threat to the historic role the United States has played in Asia. China's goal is to dominate Asia and remove all American influence.

Astute observers understand the implications of the current military exercises taking place. For more information on China's plans and the future consequences for Bible prophecy be sure to read this article that appeard in a recent issue of WNP.