London Bombings-One Year On

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London Bombings-One Year On

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No matter what one thinks of his politics and policies or of him as a man. There is no question he will prosecute this war to his last hour in office.  Bush was speaking at  news conference in Chicago when he said that he thinks every day about the war on terror and that it took most of his attention and time. He said it was his duty to protect Americans from those who seek to harm the country and its citizens.

His remarks come one year after the London subway bombings, Great Britain's first experience with an Islamic fundamentalist attack. As investigators have sored through the perpetrators of the attack the most disconcerting fact is the nature of the suicide attackers themselves. They were completely off the radar screen of police. None of theme fit the profile of a Muslim jihadist. A new breed of terrorist is revealed when the their profiles are carefully examined.  They are now called "self-radicalized jihad seekers." When you can't track the enemy, short of arresting an entire class of people, you realize you are groping in the dark.

This article in Spiegel Online gives a good summary of the problem facing Britain and to a large extent America as well. Here is one quote from the article:

"Al-Qaida has played an active role in helping to develop this new, abbreviated approach to terror. "We call upon young people and all Muslims to choose individualized resistance, and not resistance based on network-like and hierarchical structures in which the arrest of a few individuals results in the destruction and arrest of all members," says Steinberg quoting from the work of Al-Qaida mastermind Abu Musab al-Suri. "This is achieved by choosing an approach that is not a form of organization in the known sense. Instead, each participant contributes independently to the activities of the resistance movement, thereby becoming a part of the 'global Islamic resistance."

If you have not yet watched the Beyond Today program on the "War on Terror" you can view it here.