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Yesterday Melvin Rhodes and I conducted a World News and Prophecy seminar in Louisville, Kentucky. Close to 300 people attended the event. I spoke on Christ’s Olivet Prophecy in Matthew 24. I have to present some Beyond Today programs on this subject in the coming months and used yesterday’s event as a trial run on some ideas of how to present the material. These seminars are always enjoyable events that give us an opportunity to interact with readers. Next month we’ll hold three more in St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida and in San Antonio, Texas. Today, I am regrouping and planning to write an article for the January issue of WNP. I have discovered a neat web application called Evernote. It is a content management program that sits on my computer and has a web location. I can clip web content, post text notes, audio and video clips into files I set up. This is all synched between my iPhone, laptop and web site. Pretty neat.