Middle East Log 2007-1

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Middle East Log 2007-1

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We leave in few minutes for the airport. We'll fly to JFK in New York and then board a flight tonight for Amman, Jordan. We'll meet up with 90+ fellow travelers in New York.

There are always certain rituals you have when you prepare for a long journey. I know it is time for another adventure when I pull out my "adventure jacket"-actually an Eddie Bauer multi-pocket vest. Mine has 9 pockets to hold wallets, passports, cameras glasses, pens and papers and all the little stuff you think you need on trip. I think the old saying is we take twice as much clothing as we need and half as much money. There is a lot of truth to that.

The other ritual we have is a prayer for a safe journey. We always put the trip in God's hands knowing we are off to do His work. We pray as well for all the other festival pilgrims who are on the road or about to embark. It is a wonderful time in the life of God's people as we go up to keep the Feast of Tabernacles. My next post will be from Amman in a day or so.

May God's blessing be on you and all His people as we "go up to keep the feast".