Middle East Log 2007-11

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Middle East Log 2007-11

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I have been to Yad Vashem three times now. Each time I am sobered and stunned at the depth of hatred that came out in so many peoples during the Holocaust. Anti-Semitism is a rabid disease that has ripped the fabric of society so many times over the centuries.

The memorial at Yad Vahsem in Jerusalem is the anchor leg of many Holocaust museums in the world. Last year in Berlin I saw the memorial that sits over the location of Hitler's underground bunker. Yad Vashem is still collecting the names and information of everyone who died. To date they have over two million files. You wonder if they will finish the task. The last room you enter in the museum is the hall of names, a literal representation of a "book of life".

On the property they have planted trees to the memory of righteous Gentiles who worked to save Jewish lives during the war. My wife, Debbie, wanted to find the tree planted in memory of Corrie Ten Boom, the Dutch woman whose family sacrificed their home to hide Jewish citizens of occupied Holland. Since she died only a few years ago her tree is smaller than others.

Anti-Semitism is nothing short of a virulent intense hatred of God. Specifically the law of God which He enjoins on mankind. The Jews have been the only tribe of Israel to maintain their identity in part by keeping the law as part of their heritage. Today, any who observe God's full law as he intended will be labeled as a Jew and in religious circles remain suspect.  Revelation 12 shows there will be a time in the future when those who keep the commandments of God will be persecuted for their stand.

Every time I visit this spot, Yad Vashem, I am reminded how far evil can extend in the drive to defy God.