Monsters are Real

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Monsters are Real

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Most children are afraid of the dark. Their eyes seem to conspire against them, playing tricks and creating monsters out of shadows.

A bedroom closet and the space underneath a bed seem to be  places of mystery, housing monsters only seen after the lights have been turned out. As a child I was not only afraid of monsters in the dark but during the daylight hours my fears would run away with me as well. The creaking of our old hardwood floors, the settling of the apartment building, and older plumbing offered sounds that most certainly came from monsters laying in wait for an unsuspecting little girl to walk into their lair.

My mother did her best to assure me that monsters do not exist. With all of her assurance, I knew they not only existed but adults were unable to see them because they did not believe. To this day I find being alone in the darkest hours of the night leaves me uneasy, especially if the darkness is paired with sounds of our home creaking and moaning.

What if I told you that monsters do exist, would you believe me? There is an unseen world, one full of monsters lurking about, creating as much chaos and destruction as possible. That world is the demonic world, run by Satan himself. You don't believe? He will be very pleased to hear that. As people of this age become more and more “enlightened” and accepting of various types of religions and thought processes, it seems the demonic world becomes less real and less of a threat in their minds.

The Bible speaks of a time when the unseen monsters of this world will bring real chaos into the lives of many people. Those people will be living at the end of the age, when a power will arise, called the Beast.  It will control governments, religions and the people of this world. This Beast gains its power from Satan and seeks to destroy anything that would represent the one true God.
People will believe this Beast is the way to worldwide peace and a type of savior for all mankind. He will perform miracles, speak soothing words and sound very religious. They will follow his lead and be his tools for chaos and destruction. They will accept the mark of the Beast. He will be so powerful that even those who believe in the one true God and all that he stands for may be fooled into following him. To do so is to walk into the lair of the monster as it lays in wait.

While this monster story may sound frightening, it ends well. In Revelation 19-20 we learn that Jesus Christ returns to earth and destroys the Beast and all of those who are with him. When He returns He will be looking for those who saw the Beast as the monster he truly was. Will He find you?