Netanyahu at the United Nations, Speaking Moral Truth

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Netanyahu at the United Nations, Speaking Moral Truth

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Occasionally I encounter people who tell me the Holocaust did not happen. They tell me it was a hoax. I am appalled at such ignorance. Here is what I tell them and ask.

I say, I have been to Berlin, Germany. Over the former underground bunker of Reichsfuhrer Adolph Hitler the city has built an exquisite Holocaust Memorial. Do you really think the
German government would erect such a monument, in the middle of its capital, to pay homage to such an atrocity, if they really thought it did not happen in their country–planned and perpetrated by German citizens?

No one has given me a satisfactory answer to my question.

Today Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu eloquently to the truth of the Holocaust before the United Nations. Listen to this short except then read this summary of his speech. The man speaks with a great moral clarity not often found today.

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