"Noah" the Movie, or Noah of the Book?

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"Noah" the Movie, or Noah of the Book?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014, the New York Times advertised the Noah movie. They published a link to YouVersion.com in their ad to encourage potential movie goers to read the story from the Bible. Looking from the outside, I view this as a way to say that the two stories are related and/or similar, and we are to compare the two stories.

There have been a lot of reviews of this movie before it was released, and many just days after its release. The reviews have come from people from all walks of life—Christian to Atheist. Most have said that the movie is not based on the Bible story. The director has taken great artistic license to tell a story based on an historical figure, but many of the actions of the characters are not found in the Bible.

I don’t remember reading that in the Bible!

A couple of examples are the use of the “watchers” or supernatural rock people, and Shem having sexual relations with his wife before marriage, with his soon to be wife expecting a child. Both are not true. The “watchers” are a misrepresentation of Genesis 6:4 and Shem did not have a child until 2 years after the flood as clearly seen in Genesis 11:10.

Are these details important when the movie is just entertainment?

First of all, is this how a family that is supposed to be righteous behaves? Noah was selected by God for this incredible mission, and was said to be just and perfect. This does not mean Noah was sinless, but he was a man who would instruct his family in how to live according to God's Word.

Secondly, if I saw this movie without knowing the real story, it would give me a skewed view of what happened. Seeing a visual picture makes a story stick in our minds better. Without having a firm foundation in the Bible, I can begin to believe that the misrepresentations on the silver screen are true, rather than what the Bible says.

Don’t get “washed” away by the film—read the real story in the Bible!

The New York Times advertisement is good for one thing. Its recommendation to read the Bible is right on track. We should read the Bible to learn about those that have gone before us. We can learn about their struggles, their trials, and their endeavors to live according God's Word. We can learn how they survived difficult times. We can learn how to apply the Biblical principles in our lives. These principles can help us to become righteous, just, and perfect like the real Noah.

I have not seen the movie. I do not plan to see it. I don’t see how it can benefit me and I don’t believe it will help me to live according to the way of God more fully. If anything, I think it may discourage me.

The Bible has many fine stories. It has action—David and Goliath; it has suspense—Daniel and the fiery furnaces; it has drama—the Exodus; love stories—Esther and the King of Persia; futuristic stories—Revelation. Whatever type of story that you like, you’ll find it in the Bible!

Dig in and read your Bible. You will find yourself on a fascinating journey!

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  • rogerjones
  • Built Ford Tough
    Movies like this give a twisted view of the bible. People who are biblically illiterate will take the trash in movies like this as fact. Yes it would help if they read the book first, but how many people will actually take the time to read it? Very few I suppose. Sadly most people believe what they see in these silly "bible" movies, so is it any wonder why there is such a twisted view on who and what God is and who the people of the bible were. This also make me think of those "Jesus" movies where Jesus is portrayed as a tall white man with long hair and effeminate features, a fanatical religious loony, or is sexually intimate with Mary Magdalene, or someone who is always serious who never smiles or laughs. None of these are true, but thanks to Hollywood this is how people portray him. Many of these movies are borderline blasphemous or are just outright blasphemous, and should be avoided by all Christians. These "bible" movies are just a bunch of nonsense, I have better things to do with my time and money. Forget about theses stupid movies I'll just stick with the book.
  • Malachi 3_16-18
    You're right about whatever kind of story you want, you'll find it in the Bible. I also like to read and meditate on the story of Joseph - an incredible account of good triumphing over evil, and justice prevailing in the end, even when the odds at first seemed overwhelmingly stacked against him. As with the true account of Noah, such stories show how God makes all things work together for His purpose and our ultimate well-being.
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