November-December Good News: The Economy and Bible Prophecy

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November-December Good News

The Economy and Bible Prophecy

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You should be receiving the November-December Good News if you havent already. In this issue we examine two major themes dominating the news headlines and how they tie in with biblical prophecy.

One theme is what's happening with the U.S. economy and why. America's economy is on increasingly dangerous ground due to profligate government spending—living beyond our means on borrowed money. What does this mean for the future of the country? What's at the root of the problem? How can the nation get itself out of the mess it's in?

Another theme that's dominated the news for months is the economic crisis in the European Union that threatens to break up the eurozone and redefine the European Union. Students of Bible prophecy understand that the biblical books of Daniel and Revelation foretell a major new global power that will arise, centered in Europe, comprised of 10 leaders of nations or groups of nations forming a powerful coalition. Further, it has long appeared that a resurgent Germany would lead this end-time coalition.

Could what we are seeing now in Europe be setting the stage for the emergence of a new coalition of nations that will fulfill these prophecies? It appears increasingly clear that the current eurozone will not continue in its current configuration, and the European Union's current 27 member states could shrink to the group of 10 leaders described in Bible prophecy.

Ironically, though smaller in size, the final union will be more powerful and influential on the world scene because it will be more unified—likely with weaker member states jettisoned somewhere along the way. We may be seeing that process begin any day now as economically distressed member states such as Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland drop or are forced from the next incarnation of a European Union—perhaps a true "United States of Europe" that some European leaders and decision-makers are openly talking about.

What does all this mean? Simply this—a nation's economics are ultimately a measure of its power. For the United States, its troubled economy portends major problems ahead. There's no easy way out—just bad choices and worse ones. And across the Atlantic, Germany—which plunged the world into two world wars in the last century—is flexing its economic muscle as it asserts leadership over Europe and its future direction.

The Good News has talked about both of these trends for years—we have talked about them because both are integral to Bible prophecy. And we want you to understand, too. We're here to help you make sense of what's going on in the world and to help you see where it's headed.

We indeed live in serious times, and we need to be digging into God's Word, seeking understanding that comes only from Him. We hope this issue helps you grow in that understanding.