Obama's Evolution

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Obama's Evolution

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Newsweek magazine has crowned President Obama as the "first gay president". Not that he is gay but his support of gay marriage has earned him the honorary title. The President's announcement that he supports legalization of gay marriage is a major development in America's culture wars.

Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney has firmly stated his belief in the traditional view of marriage between a man and a woman sets the stage for a major debate on this subject during the upcoming presidential campaign.

Obama's declaration will likely be supported by his Democratic party's platform this election year. The stage is being set for what will be a divisive debate on a marriage. Last week North Carolina passed a law banning gay marriage–the 30th state to do so. 

The result will further shape the countries rapidly changing values on this foundational social institution. Every poll I have read indicates Americans are shifting toward a more tolerant view of homosexuality in general and the legalization of marriage in particular. If present trends continue those who support the Biblical view of marriage will be in a minority. 

It is a sad day when an incumbent president declares his support for the legalization of gay marriage. At a time when the country is already divided over a massive economic crisis and other pressing social concerns such as health care, this debate over marriage could become the tipping point toward a division that could be fatal. One of the intangible qualities needed in the President is the ability to bring people together around common values and work toward shared goals. 

God's teaching that marriage is between a man and female. It is a sacred institution and is foundational to any society. For decades marriage has been under assault from the twin evils of the sexual revolution and divorce. Anyone who has not held to the application of God's laws concerning marriage and family has contributed to this gradual decline. And now the President has set himself as the chief political spokesman in support of a further weakening of this sacred institution.

With this announcement we have turned a major cultural corner. What lies ahead will not be pretty to watch. We will see a further decline in morality and values.