Obama's Success

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Obama's Success

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Richard Reeves has a point in this article that the mood of the nation is changing and people want new ideas in a new president that can bring some good news to the country. Old ideas and ways have failed, leading us into the worst financial condition of our lifetime. However, I am not sure Obama will be able to deliver on all his hopes and promises of change. He has assembled a group around him that includes key players from the last two administrations. He has even reached back into the Reagan administration to staff his economic team. One year ago, in the midst of the campaign, who would have suspected he would be including Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? The more things change the more they stay the same. Right now criticism of Obama will fall on deaf ears. We are going to see all hope placed in this man’s shoulders. People want him to succeed. We should want to see him succeed–his success will be the nation’s success. The real question is what would God want Him to do? What would God say to this president that no one else will say to him? I’ll be writing more on that.