Poor Israel--I'm Appalled by President Obama's Speech

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Poor Israel--I'm Appalled by President Obama's Speech

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I'm appalled that President Obama would betray the nation of Israel, one of our most trustworthy and helpful allies. He has officially demanded that Israel pull its borders back to where they were before the 1967 war. If that ever happens, Israel will be indefensible.

Israel is tiny.  It is smaller than any Central American country. When I toured Israel in 1991, I became more aware of how tiny it is. And it will be much tinier if it is forced to shrink into its pre-1967 borders.

The dangers to Israel would be much greater than they were before 1967. Israel would not only be surrounded by enemies who won't recognize Israel's right to exist--who are determined to annihilate Israel--but those enemies now have modern technology and powerful long-range weaponry.

I'm appalled that a U.S. president is making decisions about the future of other countries rather than letting those countries determine their future through negotiations.

I'm appalled that our president would make this public announcement on the day before the arrival of Israeli President Benyamin Netanyahu for talks with Obama. President Obama not only did not consult with Netanyahu before making the speech, he didn't even inform the Israeli president. This was a stunning slap in Netanyahu's face. When Netanyahu arrives, what will be left to talk about? Obama has already reached his conclusions and made his decisions.

I'm appalled that our president thinks he will make the world peaceful and friendly by offering even more foreign aid to Israel and to Israel's enemies--billions and billions of dollars that we don't have because we're broke!

I'm appalled but not shocked. In a sense we've seen this coming because of the attitudes, policies and speeches of President Obama.

And I'm not shocked because I understand quite a bit about Bible prophecy.  The Bible makes it clear that things will get much worse for Israel before they get better. They will eventually get better because Christ will return to earth. He will first make war with those who are opposing Him. And then He will make peace for the whole world.

Israel has been like a brother to the United States. The betrayal of Israel seems similar to what the Bible tells us about the way Joseph was betrayed by his brothers.

But the Jewish people are related much more closely to the people who migrated from Europe to settle in America than what most people realize. The history of that amazing relationship is explained in our booklet, The United States and Britain in Prophecy. That booklet and another booklet, The Middle East in Prophecy, also explain the prophecies regarding Israel and the Middle East.