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Shelf Sitting

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I am taking some time to relax and regroup after a hectic period of more than two weeks. Travel. meetings and deadlines have flattened my mood. I just need to fill up the tank and recharge.

An article in this mornings Financial Times was headlined, “Every worn-out executive needs a place to think”. It discussed how some people check themselves into Buddhist retreat centers to get away from email cell phones and people. It can work. No question it is much needed. At times the creative juices dry up and the mind is dulled. You just have to “retreat” to a safe place to think about what is happening your life and to have time to think through what to do and where to go next.

I call it shelf sitting. It is pausing on the journey and sitting down to survey what has happened and what you need to do next. Once you catch your breath and renew your strength you rise and proceed forward.

Christ would often do this after an extended period of work. The gospels tell that He would go off, alone, from the disciples. I think this sets us an example and reminds us that our work is not so important that we can allow it to consume our lives. We need time to ourselves. We can return to the work with greater focus and clarity.