The Dangers of a First Class Mentality

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The Dangers of a First Class Mentality

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A few years ago I began studying more on the history of the Titanic. Most people know the story, so I wont get into long details about the “unsinkable” ship that did in fact sink and many people lost their lives. To add to the tragedy, was the fact that it is possible that more lives could have been saved, in more ways than one. Some of the ways I have been thinking about are: What if warnings had been heeded? What if peoples' pride hadn't stopped them from sharing their lifeboats? What if that “first class” mentality was not there? Think about how this would have changed the outcome of this event.

The special ones

I have grown up keeping the Sabbath and God’s Holy days. As a kid, I always felt like we were part of this “special club” that not everyone knows about. We kept special days that no one else in my school had ever heard of. I was the only one packing a huge, flat cracker to school once a year for Feast of Unleavened bread. Looking back I think I had a “ first class” mentality.

What do I mean by that? I was in a secret club. We didn’t talk about what we believe with others. I mean, I thought I was special, I thought these others around me did not fit into my “standards" and they just don’t know what I know. This was a wrong way of thinking. It took me growing up and growing into Christ to realize I am not special, but for some reason, God found me worthy to understand His truth at this time.

This ship is sinking

Today’s world is like the sinking Titanic. It’s going down. Only God knows when the final blow will come, but we have been called to warn others. We have been called to not be full of pride and to not feel we are privileged and special because we know more than others. For some reason, God had mercy on us and by His grace, we understand His truth. We can not be like the first-class passengers on the Titanic who would not share their lifeboats with others. We have a lifeboat, and that lifeboat is Jesus Christ. We are called to share Him with others and not just sit back and watch as others go down with this ship. Not everyone will grab on to Christ, God only opens the eyes of those whom He chooses, but we can have peace knowing we did our best to try to extend that lifesaver that we have access to.

What can we do?

Hold on to God’s Word and keep your eyes on Jesus Christ. He is our lifeboat. Offer to share your “lifeboat” with others. Everyone should be offered a seat even if they won't take it; at least you’ve tried. The waters will be rough ahead, but we don’t have to go down with the ship.