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The Ultimate Irony

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The U.S. Senate will vote no later than the week of September 9 on whether to approve President Obama's desire to make a limited attack on Syria.

That date called to mind that next week, Apple is set to announce new products, which is always a big news story. I personally have already determined I will buy whatever new phone they will announce next week.

What a juxtaposition. What an irony. As our leaders weigh whether to essentially start a war with potentially massive implications, I'm weighing the costs of buying an exciting new consumer electronics device.

I was talking to my friend across the hall from my office about this and he made an even greater contrast: over 1,000 people are killed in a chemical weapons attack and we are outraged—rightly so. Yet how many infants are aborted every single day? It's estimated at about 3,000.

What a juxtaposition. What a terrible irony.

This serves all the more to remind us that all those writers of the Bible and especially the New Testament really meant it when they asked, "What manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness"? (2 Peter 3:11). It could be a very small event that strikes a large match and begins a massive conflict on the world scene, and it could happen at any moment. The only thing we individually can do is pray and be the Christians in conduct and character God is calling us to be.