The US and the EU

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The US and the EU

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The US and the EU

A corporate law professor at UCLA has an interesting critique of an article by Timothy Garton Ash on the relative power of the European Union to the United States. Professor Bainbridge feels the Europe is in decline while America will continue ascending "broad sunlit uplands". He has compelling arguments based on current stats. What this analysis misses in the dimension of Bible prophecy which explains America's rise to power along with how and why God will turn the tables.

Europe may look benign, hindered, and fractured, an unwieldy and uncertain giant. But the final form will be a power with ferocious character.

Free Speech

The link in the above mentioned article to Daniel Henninger's column on is interesting. He describes the profusion of blogs, web sites and information in the English, Chinese and Farsi (that's right) language. No one can effectively or long deny people access to knowledge in our global interconnected world. It is a lesson for all organizations, large and small to learn. You cannot stifle free speech. You cannot hide knowledge. You do your people wrong when you try to control, manipulate and over manage the information channels. the only way to promote free speech that is sound and wise speech is to tell the truth in an open and transparent manner. Nuff said