Afraid to Respond

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Afraid to Respond

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When a man is seen crying, some might consider him to be weak and sentimental. When a man laughs, some might think he is a fool. Either way, it seems we are exposing ourselves and all too often we try hard not to respond. Men are especially careful not to show too much feeling. Yet we cannot reach out to others without exposing ourselves at least a little. We risk involvement when we reach out. It is not that we do not feel the emotions inside of us; it is because we fear to let others think we struggle for control.

Self-control is an important part of a godly mind-set. Jesus Christ wept when He saw His beloved city of Jerusalem (Luke 19:41). Peter wept bitterly after he denied his friend (Luke 22:62). Both were masculine and manly. It takes courage to risk exposing our true selves, but that is the only way we can gain trust and love from others. Transparency, with control, is a strong tool in our relationships with others.