Be Proud and Fall

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Be Proud and Fall

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A haughty spirit is one that will not seek good council or listen to the wise words of others. A person can be so full of themselves that they do not believe others could have a better idea or more knowledge. When we were children, we knew we were here to grow and learn. Somehow when the growing part is done, too many think the learning part is also completed.

God tells us to grow in grace and knowledge (2 Peter 3:18). There is no limit to that sort of growing. The understanding that there are always new things to learn ought to keep us humble. Knowing that we do not know everything should be a defense against pride. Lacking the knowledge of God and His majesty opens the door for pride in ourselves. It is as though we think we do not need God, and that is the recipe for a fall—a great fall. Lessons are learned from our experiences. If we need to fall to learn, then let pride take the lead—and benefit from the knowledge you’ll gain.