Being Successfully Employed

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Being Successfully Employed

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How can we be successful on our jobs? Here are some tips. Be punctual, neat and focused. Maintain a positive attitude about everything. Get along well with your superiors and colleagues. Work to the best of your ability. If in doubt, ask questions, rather than make a mistake. Be eager to finish an urgent project at the end of the day rather than let it wait until morning.

Ten traits employers love include: Honest, loyal, team player, committed to excellence in all tasks and personal endeavors, accountable, efficient, organized, shows initiative, creative, self-starter and high energy.

Be prepared for emergencies. Have a sufficient cash flow available to last you for six months to a year, in case you suddenly become unemployed. Live within your means, limit your use of credit cards and avoid debt.

Always thank God for your talents and abilities (Psalm 118:1). Put Him first in your life with daily prayer and Bible study.