Books are Valuable

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Books are Valuable

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That was written in a day where the number of books were few in comparison to what we see today. Not all books are worth reading, and it takes wisdom to find those that enhance our lives and add something positive. Paraphrasing what Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote in Longman’s Magazine in 1882, if the words of a book are eloquent, they should ring in our ears and repeat themselves in a thousand colored pictures to the eye.

There is no set of books that is more valuable than the 66 books that make up the Holy Bible. The King James Bible was carefully crafted in order to preserve the spirit of the original text in a majestic and reverent style. The word of God ought to occupy the most prominent place on our bookshelf and always remain within easy reach. A good book makes a person rich and has great value. The Bible leads a person to eternal life. It is impossible to place too high a value on this book—on our shelves and in our lives.