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When Jesus walked the earth, He chose 12 men to be His disciples. These men were remarkable only in the fact that they were so common. Not one was an important political figure, man of great wealth or visible social standing.

Simon Peter, Andrew, James, John and Philip were all fishermen. Matthew was a tax collector, a despised vocation in the eyes of Jewish society. Simon the Zealot was a political fanatic. Almost nothing is known of the background of the other five. Most of the women who followed Him were also common people.

A disciple is someone who imitates the teacher. A disciple of Jesus Christ is a person who imitates his or her Teacher’s life. True Christianity isn’t about accepting Jesus as your Savior and then going on as if nothing happened. True Christianity is God taking common people and turning them into uncommon disciples.

Christianity has enough uncommitted believers; Jesus is calling for committed disciples.