Envy Seems Natural

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Envy Seems Natural

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We hear words like, "You are lucky," "I wish I had what you have," "It's not fair," and so on from those who see what you do and what you have. It is not everyone who congratulates you and says you have earned that skill or wealth. God knew that the hearts of mankind as influenced by Satan would tend towards thinking things are not fair and therefore become jealous with envy.

Paul noted that envy comes from obsession over that which we do not possess and may want (1 Timothy 6:4). The tenth commandment about lusting and coveting is entwined with envy and jealousy. This attitude is an ungodly one and needs to be conquered. It is a matter of the mind, and we are called to change the thinking that is offensive to God. Rejoice in the good fortune of others and work to gain your own. Riches cannot only be counted in dollars and cents—but rather in contentment and love (1 Timothy 6:11-12).

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  • william h wilson

    Through doing a study on angels, I find that they grant a marvelous example (among other many human examples) of the opposite of envy, that of complete joy in serving those who are slated to receive such amazing promises -- God's people. Satan seems to have convinced 1/3 of them that they weren't getting a good deal from God and that "those humans would get more than they would". What a powerful poison envy is then, to twist a mind from sheer joy to utter darkness. Oh that God would root it out of all of us, including me.

  • KARS

    So true. You can get, get, get, but will you ever be satisfied?

  • Nelson

    These words are absolutely true ! Looking at the way back and what we are living now, more and more humanity wants to consumption and wealth quickly and forget the questions and behaviors that please God ! Consequently , the envy is growing and becoming the evil of mankind (since Cain and Abel ) . Let us therefore at all times and in all places and circumstances being with GOD in our minds and our hearts because with HIM none of these negative feelings may reach Us !

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