Feel Good--Do Good

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Feel Good--Do Good

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Rain was pouring from the sky as I pushed my cart out of the grocery store. I made the mad dash to my car and unloaded my groceries as quickly as I could. Just as I finished emptying my cart, I saw a hand grab my empty cart and take it along with hers to place it in the cart stand, which was a distance away. I was speechless for a moment, but then I thanked her and got into my car. I was amazed that a perfect stranger took the time to help me while getting drenched herself!

I was so inspired that it made me want to do acts of kindness for all those I came in contact with. I was reminded of an important lesson that day. Our interactions can inspire a domino effect, either positive or negative. We all know how a rotten attitude can spread. But a smile, an act of kindness and words of appreciation can multiply themselves geometrically as well.

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