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Give Me the Facts

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We may not be that way in everything, but we can find ourselves passionately defending our position elsewhere. Gathering facts and examining them in a dispassionate manner usually results in making good decisions. When our emotions get in the way, the deference for facts fades into the distance. We can and often do insist on a point or position only for the sake of argument—mainly because we fear that we are wrong. We defend our position and don’t let anyone confuse us with facts.

Arnold H. Glasow wrote, “The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion.” That is because there is another driving force behind our opinions. We want to be recognized, we fear being embarrassed when shown to be wrong, or we simply have the need to win or to be right all of the time. God wants us to worship Him in truth and to walk in truth (2 John 3-4). We need the facts in order to understand and establish truth. It is a matter of character and will to seek the truth and to seek facts. 

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