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Good Habits

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Sleep is something that we cannot do without. Some people have had terrible problems getting a good night’s sleep, and only heavy sedation seems to help. Our brain and body crave rest from time to time. We live such busy lives that we tend to cram in more activities than we should. To sleep soundly and be fully rested is a blessing.

The Bible cautions us about too much sleep and laziness. It also tells us that a sweet sleep is a blessing (Proverbs 3:24) and that the sleep of a laboring man is sweet (Ecclesiastes 5:12). The way to get enough sleep and to sleep well is to develop good habits. Getting to bed and rising about the same time each day is what was taught long ago and still is in places. Our brain functions well when we have some routine and habits. We sleep better, so it is true that early to bed is a good routine.