Habits--Easy to Form, Hard to Break

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Habits--Easy to Form, Hard to Break

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There are many people who are striving to change their habits. Some try to lose weight, some try to quit smoking and some are working on bad habits of speech, posture or clothing. Long-standing habits take courage, determination and a lot of self-discipline to break. In life, we will either allow our habits to dictate the result, or develop the habits that guarantee the result we want. All habits do not need to be bad ones.

Paul wrote that he had learned to make his body his slave and he kept himself under control (1 Corinthians 9:27). Expending the effort needed to discipline ourselves is a great character builder. We become stronger and much more likely to go where we wish to be. Change habits that hinder your progress. Rather than changing our direction to conform to our habits, we need to change our habits to conform to our goals. Conversion requires change (Romans 6:19).