"I Can Do It Myself!"

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"I Can Do It Myself!"

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Some people pride themselves on the fact that they are self-sufficient and do not need the help of others. We try to teach our children to stand on their own two feet. Those who think that accepting help is a sign of weakness—and that refusing help is a sign of strength, courage and wisdom—have taken self-reliance a step too far. It is good to be active in doing things with no help, but in real life there are always times when every person will be weak (even if for a short time) and need help. The strong are to help the weak (Romans 15:1).

Children need help in everything for a long time—until they have mastered each situation. Once that is completed, they become strong and in turn can help others master the needs of life. The weak need a little assistance in order to become strong once again. The sick need a physician in order to become healthy once again. Self-sufficiency is good—just as long as it is not stubborn pride, which is the cause of much unnecessary pain.