Lack of Knowledge

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Lack of Knowledge

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It is absolutely amazing to have lived during the last 50 years and seen the changes that increased knowledge has brought. The more recent generations cannot conceive of a time when world travel was rare, TV and computers did not exist and college education was uncommon. We as a people have made huge strides in understanding our environment, and we have improved the living standards for much of the world.

Yet there remains a lack of knowledge about why we were created and what the destiny of mankind really is. That lack of knowledge is just as destructive as the ignorance that has led to famine, disease and war in the past. Ignorance is still with us on earth, and a byproduct is misery.

Our minds are the most wonderful gift God has given us. Using them, however, is up to us. The knowledge we now have in science has always been true—we just had not discovered it yet. The Bible is more available now than ever before, but few will discover the truth inside its pages. Will you?