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Life and Living

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Is there a difference between simply being alive and living? A man once stated that we make a living by what we gain or get, but we make a life by what we give. The Bible tells us it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). Inherent in that scripture is the fact that somebody has to receive. Obviously when we are babies or little children, we are receivers. As we grow into adulthood and become stronger and more independent, we have the responsibility to give to those in need. Indeed we are our brother’s keeper in a way.

We all need food, clothing and shelter. These necessities are the elements of living that we are able to obtain by what we earn. We also need love, friendship, family and social networks. We cannot buy love or friendship; they are gained by first giving them to others. By giving wisely where and when we can, we develop these priceless avenues of life. We give of our time, our ears, our hearts, our comfort and our sympathy, as well as our wealth. Love is a natural outgrowth, and when it is first given away, it can flourish and develop. In the end, it is the greatest gift life can offer. That is a real life.