Little Things

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Little Things

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Moments of tenderness, a kind word at the right time, the size of a diamond or pearl are among the small things of life. Children are little and precious. The hug from a loved one or the helping hand of a stranger may take only a minute, but are without price. Years are made up of seconds and minutes. And our progress in life is often little by little. There are good and bad little things. Focusing on the bad ones bring bad results while the good things bring good results.

Jesus Christ knew the value of how a person regards little things. He knew that respect for the little things in life add up to all that is needed to handle the big things. He stated that if we were faithful in the little things like giving a glass of water to one in need, He knew we would be faithful in big things (Luke 19:17). A great truth is to focus on the right and good little things. When we put the small positives together, then we will see that good little things mean a lot.