Living in Unity

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Living in Unity

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It is good and pleasant to live together in unity was a song of David (Psalm 39). Unity is not something that comes automatically into our lives—it takes work, effort and the willingness to adapt and change. But the rewards are so great that it is worth the effort.

The spirit of unity is broken when there is an attitude of dissatisfaction and the belief that the others are not fair. If that were true, and if unity was a worthwhile goal, we would try to fix the problem. That is where being humble and truly loving another is needed. Our vanity and ego gets pricked too easily, and we can dig in our heels. Once that happens, it is like standing in wet cement—suddenly you cannot move. Living in unity requires a mindset that reflects God in every way. We are to become like Him, and if we cannot live together, that is a measure of how far we may be from God. It does take two to tango—so do your part to live in unity and hope the others will also learn the steps to this dance.

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