Narrow and Difficult

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Narrow and Difficult

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People who climb mountains often find themselves on narrow and difficult paths or trails. Others have gone before and made a path, but experience shows that climbing is still fraught with danger. One’s attention has to be focused on the next step he or she is to take. Stones or tree roots can trip a person, and sharp or loose rocks beside the trail could cause a sprained ankle. There are good reasons God has made this path narrow or difficult and confined. Here are a few.

On confined or difficult paths, people tend not to try to pass others but rather help them. Attention has to be given to each step and distractions must be resisted. The difficulty one encounters teaches appreciation toward others who are on that path. Lessons of patience and endurance abound on these paths. One learns to focus on their own troubles and less on those of others. Stopping or falling blocks the path for those behind you, so you try harder to continue. The character God seeks is a result of the narrow and difficult way—it is the only way to eternal life.