Prejudices and Relationships

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Prejudices and Relationships

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Prejudice is one of the greatest problems in all human relationships., hindering clear, accurate thinking. Every person who is honest with himself or herself will admit to some bias or prejudice. The books we choose to read, the people we associate with, the movies we like to see and the sports that intrigue us—all show some sort of bias.

Not all biases are wrong, but all too often some become part of the problems in our relationships and interactions with others. We say we live in an enlightened, civilized world. The result of harmful bias and prejudice is so strong that we can’t help but wonder just how civilized this world really is.

The one person you have control over is yourself. God loved the whole world (John 3:16). He said people ought to learn to love one another (Matthew 22:39). A major part of that is to keep the good biases, but recognize and let go of the prejudices that interfere with your relationships with others.

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